Education is one of the biggest influences in children’s lives and a wonderful opportunity to help children develop resilient and positive habits that will enable them to grow in to happy, healthy, and successful adults.

Julie Hurst is a Positive Psychologist who has worked with global organisations on increasing resilience, wellbeing and performance for more than 20 years.

She founded Pebble to work with schools to create a community where both staff and pupils flourish and thrive.

Pebble’s Positive Education programmes are firmly rooted in the science of Positive Psychology. They equip staff to bring this to life through a series of interlocking practical and enjoyable class activities, and engaging discussions topics that enhance wellbeing, happiness and resilience.

From neuroscience to understanding emotions each element of the courses helps children develop a greater understanding of how they work, and how to feel at their best. They also help children deal with adversity and bounce back from difficult situations more quickly.

All our programmes are evidence-based and founded on the latest research. They are also highly practical – so you can start to implement what you learn straight away.

The courses we currently offer are:

Everyday Magic Intensive

A 3-day programme – approved by the British Psychological Society

Schools today do not just aim for students to achieve their academic potential. They also aim to develop them as emotionally resilient, happy, responsible and ultimately productive members of society. This means preparing students with life skills such as: grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, focus and positive wellbeing among many others.

This programme allows the teaching staff to learn these skills together creating the greatest impact immediately.

Among the topics covered are:

  • How the brain works in relation to learning and memory, stress, worry, confidence, compassion, calmness and flourishing
  • Developing focus and concentration
  • Dealing with big feelings
  • Facing challenges and learning from mistakes
  • Creating self-compassion and dealing with the inner critic
  • Developing grit and a growth mindset
  • Mental agility and quick thinking
  • Character strengths

From the outset the course emphasises applying the skills in a practical way. Sessions are engaging and participatory, with plenty of practise and discussion. By the end of the programme teachers will be able to structure bespoke Positive Education lessons as well as blend the skills and techniques into everyday teaching.

Each delegate receives a certificate approved by the BPS.

Cost from £3,600 (depending on school size) for whole school 3 day programme.

Positive Education bitesize

Bitesize programmes introduce schools to the concepts and practice of Positive Education and provide some practical exercises to use immediately. They are fun, participatory and packed full of evidence-based tools ready for the classroom.


½ day – £600

1 day – £1,200

Creating the Mindful Classroom

Bringing the benefits of mindfulness into the classroom

At its heart mindfulness is about building brilliant brains and calm minds. It is about learning to find peace, focus and even happiness in a busy, frantic and sometimes worrying world.  How does it do all that? By harnessing how our minds and brains work best and using that to create clarity, peace, focus, creativity and contentment.

This is a mindfulness course specifically designed to help your school bring mindfulness to both staff and pupils in the easiest way possible. Its main aim is to make mindfulness part of life for everyone in the school community.

Creating the Mindful Classroom will give you a thorough grounding in the theory, practice and the teaching of mindfulness, as well as the ability to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness in your own life.

It is highly practical, bringing together the latest research into mindfulness with practical tips and techniques that can be used in many different ways and areas of school life. You will learn ways of making mindfulness part of the school day in simple, effective and fun ways, covering both the formal and the informal practice.

Among the topics covered are:

  • The science of Mindfulness and benefits in the classroom
  • Mindfulness for concentration
  • Mindfulness for emotional regulation
  • Mindfulness exercises to use in the classroom
  • Making Mindfulness part of every day.

Cost = £600 for 1/2 day programme

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