How to make
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In turbulent times, when facing change or upheaval in dealing with challenges, or coping with increased pressure, resilient organisations will come to the fore.

When problems and setbacks happen those with higher levels of resilience will be more willing to step forward, to stay the course, and recover more quickly if things do not work out as planned.

While it is true that some of your employees will naturally be more resilient than others, the ability to deal with setbacks and overcome obstacles is a quality that can be both taught and increased.

But developing resilience is not just about fixing problems. It is about enhancing the strengths and skills that already exist within the individual and the organisation.

Strong resilience is a mainstay of elite performance and resilience coaching and training can help your organisation reach new levels of achievement and success. It helps you to both raise the bar, and reach it.

We have a growing stable of multi-disciplinary approaches aimed at strengthening the foundation of resilience in your workplace.

Developing Great Individuals

While creating a good workplace focuses on high performance, creating a truly great workplace goes further still. There is growing evidence that people thrive and produce great performance with the right mix of co-operation and challenges and where their unique strengths are used daily. We work with people to create the right conditions for peak performance in all aspects of their lives.

Resilience Coaching
We take you on a complete journey encompassing all aspects of control, wellbeing and bounce back. We help create a way of working that is about sustainable high performance, allowing you to give of your best at work, while ensuring you get the most out of life outside work too. The sessions are completely tailored to meet your needs and so can cover a wide range of topics including dealing with heavy workloads, challenging work relationships, leadership and developing meaning at work, increasing confidence and evidence based tools for developing elite performance.

Resilience Boost
Sometimes a brief yet intensive look at an issue can made a huge difference. We offer a one-off day of focused individual coaching sessions (typically 30-45 minutes each). The emphasis is on practical problem solving, allowing us to make the biggest possible impact in a short period of time.

Psychometric tools
We draw on leading edge assessments and measures to help people understand how the way they work impacts on themselves and others, where their strengths lie and how to harness these for increased performance and well-being.

Developing Great Teams

We know effective teams are pivotal in creating successful organisations.  We work with a range of numbers from small groups to large audiences of several hundred.  We have designed specific programmes to target the three foundations of resilience, and the following guide tells you what is contained in each programme and which elements of the resilience model it supports.

Balanced Lunch

The Balanced Lunch sessions (they last no more than two hours) can work together as part of a larger programme or equally well stand-alone.

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