Superpower of savouring

Four easy steps for successful savouring

I’ve been asked by parents and teachers about supporting children as we face changes in lockdown rules and begin to look at schools re-opening. Whenever that is, clearly children are going to need some support to help them bounce back from the difficult times they have been through.

There are plenty of Positive Education tools to support this, and the great thing many are easy to use at home too and are simple to learn.

One of my favourites is savouring. I think it is a great superpower we all have within us, and it has terrific results. While it tends to be somewhat overshadowed by its “cousin” gratitude I think the impact of savouring is seriously underrated. I’ve used it with children in classrooms, and adults in conferences. I’ve even taught it via a webinar where I couldn’t even see the people taking part, and it still worked.

Savouring is largely the work of US Psychologist Fred Bryant – and he and fellow researchers have been able to pinpoint its many benefits from deeper relationships, increased creativity and happiness through to greater optimism and better focus and concentration.

This short video shows a simple 4-step technique to using the power of savouring that works as well for adults as it does for children. It’s also fun to do as a class or family activity. Please feel free to share it with teachers and parents you know.

It can also be found here on YouTube

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