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At the Work Life Balance Centre we are passionate about our work.

Developing people to fulfil their potential and creating vibrant, successful organisations is what we are all about. We draw on the best of current thinking in positive psychology, leadership, coaching and wellbeing to help us do this successfully.

The Centre has been at the forefront of the national debate regarding work life balance, and has been mentioned in both Houses of Parliament, as well as informing working practices and policy around the world.

There are two fundamental principles behind our work. The first is evidence. What we do is founded on a strong and clear knowledge or research base.

The second is practicality. We want you to see a direct positive impact from working with us. Everything we do is highly practical in its approach and applies to as many different job roles as possible.

Julie Hurst

Julie is an expert on wellbeing, resilience and performance. She is a psychologist with an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and works to equip people and organisations to thrive in modern working life. She is passionate about creating healthy, efficient and productive people in healthy, efficient and productive workplaces.

For more than 30 years she has worked in a range of environments from the health service to journalism. This has been coupled with a decade of running a national research project into modern working life, examining both its positives and negatives.

She has a particular interest in developing elite performance through coaching, the neuroscience science of happiness, and the impact of contemplative practices (like meditation), on wellbeing and performance.

She frequently addresses conferences as well as running seminars and workshops, and has worked with organisations of all sizes from family run businesses to global brands.

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