Changing direction by
changing conversations

Radically re-engineering services when budgets are being cut is not an easy task. One ambitious local authority knew it would take a huge culture shift to achieve it and asked the WLBC to help.

Our focus was to change the nature of conversations happening in the workplace – moving from traditional command and control to focusing much more on growth, learning and improving performance.

We supported leaders to help employees take more ownership and responsibility for their work and develop teams that offered creative and innovative responses to tricky organisational issues.  Leaders put coaching at the heart of their management approach, and we combined workshops with one to one support and powerful action learning sessions to create sustainable impact.

Managers explored the essential coaching mindset, skills and habits necessary for any leader to get the best from their people including:

  • Mastering the core skills for any coaching conversation
  • Strategies for tackling difficult conversations and managing performance
  • Practical approaches for developing your high performers and stars
  • How to use coaching as a practical tool for cultural change

More than 75% of participants reported that the programme had a significantly positive impact on their performance and that of their teams.

Comments included:

“This programme completely changed my perspective on what it is to be a good manager.  I need to equip my people and get out of their way!”

“I think the programme helped to build and develop my confidence to handle some of the issues and challenges my teams were facing – perhaps some of the things that I had been letting pass and needed to be resolved!”

“I’ve had time to think about my own behaviours and being more of a coaching manager rather than a fixer – and how I can empower my team leaders to do this too.”