Nurturing a
caring nature

When you are a leading national charity supporting those affected by cancer, a caring and encouraging attitude to your staff and volunteers is in-built.

With a compassionate workforce the issue is not asking them to do more, but to take care of themselves while doing what they do best.

The question therefore becomes how can you provide useful, practical and engaging information for employees and volunteers whose work can be rewarding and harrowing in equal measure. To fulfil this brief, the WLBC delivered a series of Balanced Lunch workshops on smarter working, creating mental balance, developing resilience, dealing with service change and a bespoke session on emotions, meditation and the brain.

These took place at locations throughout the UK and included many different teams and roles.  The workshops became some of the most requested inclusions at conferences and alumni events with over 92% of recent delegates rating the content very positively.

People attending commented afterwards: 

“A fun, interactive and relaxing workshop.  I left the workshop feeling extremely educated in mindfulness etc., and when I got home my girlfriend and I even wrote separate lists of the 30 things which make us happy.  My favourite workshop.”

“Julie is a wonderful presenter. Really interesting content, look forward to putting it into practise.”

“Enthusiastic and engaging facilitator. Practical exercises which can be used in everyday life. Very thought provoking.”

“Very important and enjoyable. Inspiring speaker and useful to remind us to look after ourselves too.”