Serious time for
game makers

Playing computer games is fun but producing them in the run-up to a world-wide ground-breaking launch date is serious stuff.

When the world is watching, deadlines have to be met, problems have to be solved and player experience has to be absolutely right.

As the big moment approached, the HR director of this market-leading games company was concerned they might lose sight of what made the team great – creativity, individuality, commitment, enthusiasm and high professional standards.  She asked the WLBC to put together a programme to help key employees manage their relentless work schedule, while at the same time keeping the fun factor very much in sight.

These talented millennials possess very marketable skills and demand that work (and indeed life) provides meaning, challenge and enjoyment – all requirements that were at the forefront of our recommended solutions.  As well as drawing on a well-tested suite of programmes, we created Happiness 2.0 – a new workshop that has become a popular addition to our services.

A number of employees took part in one to one coaching sessions, helping them maintain their performance (and their sanity) through the fever pitch pre-launch period.  At the same time, company-wide Balanced Lunch sessions explored practical ways of creating mental balance, developing resilience, honing impact and influencing skills and increasing personal happiness, as well as an introduction to mindfulness meditation.

The sessions proved a huge hit with employees and made an important contribution to a successful games launch.