At its heart, mindfulness is about building
brilliant brains and calm minds.

It is about learning to find peace, focus and even happiness in a busy, frantic and sometimes worrying world.

How does it do all that? By harnessing how our minds and brains work best and using that to create clarity, peace, focus, creativity and contentment.

Both pupils and school staff have a lot to gain from mindfulness. Research has already shown that mindfulness has a positive impact on

  • academic performance
  • social skills
  • psychological wellbeing
  • self-esteem sleep quality
  • mood
  • positive behaviour
  • self-regulation

The Mindful School programmes are primarily aimed at teaching staff although will benefit anyone who has a regular contact with children. They give staff a thorough grounding in the theory, practice and the application of mindfulness in school settings, as well as the ability to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness in their own lives.

It is important to us that your staff get the most out of mindfulness in the way that fits most easily with your school, and your pupils. We will show you ways of making mindfulness part of the school day in simple, effective and fun ways. Please contact us for more information about how we can deliver The Mindful School programme to fit your needs.

2 hr £300
½ day £450
1 day £800
2 day (qualification) £2,000 (minimum and maximum number apply)