One Vision

Our ultimate Pebble programme has the ultimate objective –
to bring together everything that’s best about your school,
and take it to new heights of performance and achievement
for both staff and pupils.

We do this by bringing together the latest innovations in positive psychology, and helping your staff apply them directly to suit your pupils and your school ethos and values.


We build a strong relationship with your school, and gain a solid understanding of how things are, what works, where you want to go, and how you can best get there. This is tailored to meet the individual characteristics of your school community and can incorporate a wide range of positive psychology and positive education tools and techniques including:

  • PERMA,
  • Growth mindset (developing a can-do attitude),
  • Character strengths (using talents and strengths to best advantage),
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Broaden and build (increasing positive emotions)

We support staff as they undertake this journey in a variety of ways including workshops and courses (such as The Flourishing School and The Mindful School), one to one resilience and performance coaching for senior school leaders, and a reservoir of consultancy days where you decide exactly the help you most needs, and we supply it.

Monitoring and measurement
As part of the one vision we can provide a unique programme of monitoring and measurement so you can chart your progress towards becoming a One Vision School.  While schools are regularly monitored for academic attainment, a great deal of work of developing flourishing, resilient and happy pupils can go unnoticed, even though it is just as important as exam success.

We can help you set up a system to ensure all aspects of your hard work are recorded by monitoring a variety of other accomplishments from optimism and wellbeing to resilience and positive emotions. We use properly validated questionnaires that can be completed online to provide you with a raft of useful information including:

  • Identifying those children in need of extra pastoral support,
  • Pinpoint any gender differences age group or class issues regarding wellbeing or other measures,
  • Chart pupil progress across the measures during the year so you can see direct evidence of the impact you are making.

Becoming a One Vision School takes time and dedication. We work with you at your pace to ensure that the journey is both enjoyable and successful.