Working with difficult emotions

Sad tired frustrated boy sitting at the table with many books and holding paper with word Help.

How can we help our pupils cope?

We have all faced one of the most unpredictable and disruptive years in living memory, and schools have found themselves very much in the front line in providing care and support for our children. Already their thoughts have been turning to how they can best help children to cope with all of the things they’ve been through in a supportive and effective way. Positive Education contains within it powerful tools to teach children how to experience difficult feelings without suppressing them or being overwhelmed. Understanding how to manage these experiences is paramount in both resilience and mental wellness.


One of the questions teachers ask me most frequently at present is “How can we help our pupils cope?” We cannot ignore what children have been through and helping them find a safe and healthy way to experience a range of feelings is a key element of how they will move forward. As with all Positive Education skills what they learn here will last them well beyond school and into adulthood. It truly is a skill for life


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